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Episode 11

Freedom or Arrogance - When You Refuse to Change for Someone Else's Comfort

I LOVE Tabitha Brown, did I say I LOVE HER?! So, when a comment on Twitter called her choice to refuse to be anything less than what God made her to be was call arrogant by another Black Woman, Auntie Tab let her know it isn't arrogance, it's freedom.

You know I had to weigh in! Why would her choice be called arrogant, and why would one Black woman attach that label to another Black woman for such a personal choice?

Why does it sometimes feel as though it's tough for us to support each other and the choices we make?

I would love to know what you think! Hit me up and let me know: kidt@inmyshoestoday.com. And be sure to take my challenge, promote and support a woman of color this week, no judgement, just pure love!

I will start! Check out my girl Ginain Grayes and her new podcast: Cook the Garden - https://cookprayslay.com/podcast

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