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Episode 11

Published on:

12th Nov 2020

How an Elementary School Lesson on Black Lives Matter Divided a Town

After the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha WI, Melissa Statz's students in Burlington, WI began to talk about the protests that followed. They lived about 30 minutes away from Kenosha and many had family there.

Melissa, a social studies teacher, thought it was a good time to talk about racism, Black Lives Matter and why so many people were hurt and upset. What happened hours after she taught the lesson to her fourth grade class was more than she ever expected.

Listen to her tell her story.

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In My Shoes is a podcast about women of color and the issues we face but sometimes don't get to talk about. We will give our perspective, allowing you a glimpse into what it's like to deal with racism, infertility, mental illness, parenting, relationships, colorism, politics, hair, health, you name it - in our shoes.

Sometimes it just takes a moment to hear a personal story to realize things aren't always the way they seem. When you hear someone's personal story you can see things through their eyes, from their perspective, even if it's just for a moment - but that moment may be all it takes to change the way you think about or view women from other cultural backgrounds and skin tones. Walk a mile in my shoes, and find out things aren't always the way they seem.

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