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Episode 11

How the Pandemic Inspired One Woman to Follow Her Dreams and Write a Children's Book

Melissa Toyo had been dreaming about writing a book, but with a family and a full- time job, she could never find the time. Then, the pandemic hit, the world went into lockdown and she suddenly had three extra hours a day that she would normally spend getting to and from work.

So she decided to put that time to good use and began the draft of a children's book. After a few ideas she finally found the one that spoke to her and the book Brown is a Beautiful Color was born.

Find out why a children's book and what she hopes this book will mean for girls of color everywhere.

Brown is a Beautiful Color is out for pre-sale NOW. With an official release is this Saturday-8/14/21.

-Pre-order the hardcover or eBook of Brown is a Beautiful Color: https://www.colorinwriting.com/shop

* Pre-order your eBook directly on Amazon:


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