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Episode 22

How this Attorney, Advocate and Auntie Makes a Difference for the Special Needs Community

Sandy Boisrond is an attorney, advocate and auntie. She is a part of the village and support system for her nephew who is on the autism spectrum. As an attorney she helps families with estate planning and making sure they have the right things in place in order to future plan for the needs of a special needs loved one

Find out what she thinks is one of the biggest mistakes families make, how her role as auntie to an autistic nephew has impacted the way she practices law and what she thinks we need to do as a society to better support those with special needs. AND be sure to listen until the end and find out about a generous offer Sandy is making to IMS listeners. http://www.thespectrumlawfirm.com/

PLUS: It's the holiday season and we are preparing to support several families for Thanksgiving. You can help us provide meals for girls in high school and their families who have fallen on hard times and need support and a good Thanksgiving meal. Donate today. All donations are tax deductible: https://bit.ly/IMSDONATE

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