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Episode 5

Meet Dr. Maya Warren - An African American Female Ice Cream Scientist

Dr. Maya Warren loves all things ice cream. She has studied the science behind it, she eats, sleeps and lives it. And she may be the only African American ice cream scientist in the United States. And she is a winner of the Amazing Race!

Listen to her story, find out when she realized ice cream was her passion and what she is working on now.

It's a really fun interview, and just the pick me up we all need right now.

*NOTE: this interview was recorded a few weeks ago hence the reference to the U.S. Open. Enjoy!

Follow Dr. Warren at: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFuXUoojhb6/?igshid=1poekkepl76ud

Ice Cream for Change: https://www.icecreamforchange.org

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