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Episode 18

REWIND! One Woman's Story: Wrongfully Accused, Arrested Over a Three Dollar Pack of Batteries

This is the story of Elizabeth Leiba, who still lives with the shame of an arrest that wasn't her fault during her days as a student at the University of Florida.

After a local drug store accused her of theft, (for a pack of batteries she had purchased) the store refused to admit wrongdoing and for years, she didn't talk about it, until the death of George Floyd and the outpouring of support for Kyle Rittenhouse, a teen charged with killing two men during the protests in Kenosha, triggered a need to respond, and wonder how so many can support a young who has admitted to taking two lives, yet try to ruin the life and reputation of a young girl all those years earlier over a pack of batteries.

It's a powerful story.

Follow Elizabeth on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabethleiba

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