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Episode 16

Pay to Play - Black Women on Knowing Their Worth in Business

Listen as members of my tribe talk about their side hustles, what they do when people want the hook up and when they began to put a price on what they offer clients in business.

It is a great discussion with Maureen, Amber and Ginain. Find out how people reacted when things they once did for free they were now charging for, why they struggled with calling themselves an expert, and how they handle it when in business, clients don't want to pay the price they are quoted.

Learn more about their businesses:

Maureen Greene- James: https://mgjspeaks.com/

Ginain Grayes: https://cookprayslay.com/

Amber Conage: https://www.designsbylynne.com/

And here is a great quote from Amber: "The only person you should try to compete with is the person you were yesterday."

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