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Episode 10

Sha'carri, Simone, Naomi, Mental Health and the Olympics

This year's Olympics has been about so much more than the usual medal count. From Sha'carri's disqualification before the games even began, to Simone's brave decision to take a step back and Naomi's return to light the torch and represent Japan in tennis, women of color have certainly been front and center.

Take a listen as I talk with two members of my village talk about how we feel about it all. Did Sha'carri deserve a chance to run? Why Simone's decision NOT to compete means more than the two medals she's bringing home, and how Naomi started the important conversation of mental health that helped pave the way for Simone to stand in her truth. Mental health has taken center stage at the games.

We definitely have a lot to say. Once you listen, comment back on the IMS Facebook page and tell us what you think.

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