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Episode 7

Published on:

15th Oct 2020

Speak Spanish, Please!

Listen to two members of my tribe talk about how they handle it when someone insists that they speak English because we are in America.

They talk about how they respond and their opinion on why they believe people think it's OK to make such comments.

And we have a special guest that joins us too!

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About the Podcast

In My Shoes Podcast
You don't know what it's like until you've been In My Shoes
In My Shoes is a podcast about women of color and the issues we face but sometimes don't get to talk about. We will give our perspective, allowing you a glimpse into what it's like to deal with racism, infertility, mental illness, parenting, relationships, colorism, politics, hair, health, you name it - in our shoes.

Sometimes it just takes a moment to hear a personal story to realize things aren't always the way they seem. When you hear someone's personal story you can see things through their eyes, from their perspective, even if it's just for a moment - but that moment may be all it takes to change the way you think about or view women from other cultural backgrounds and skin tones. Walk a mile in my shoes, and find out things aren't always the way they seem.

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