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Episode 4

Battle Fatigue - Still Dealing with Racism and a World that Seems to Hate Us

It's my girls ya'll, back for a very important discussion. We are talking about what I am calling Battle Fatigue. It seems like almost everyday there is a new incident of racism and hate speak against people of color.

I feel tired, drained and some days it's hard to be optimistic. In short, I feel like I am doing battle. So, I wanted to know if I was alone in how I'm feeling and invited my tribe to chime in. We are all feeling the strain, trying to keep it together while dealing with the racism that people are so proudly putting on display.

You've met my girls before but just in case:

Ginain Grayes: https://cookprayslay.com/

Maureen Greene-James: https://mgjspeaks.com/

Amber Davis: https://www.designsbylynne.com/

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